New Position: Anaplan

Jim got me interested again with his post:

This video isn’t the most compelling thing in the world, but it gives an idea of what their market is, and a key competitor (a company now owned by Workday):

Revenue growth is close to 50%:

2017             44   46
2018   52   58   62   69
2019   76

2018             42%  49%
2019   47%

Their guidance for Q2 (ending Jul31) is only for 36%, but it was for 35.5% last Q and they did 47%, so I’m not too concerned.

Subscription growth rate is ticking up steadily:

2018             42%  44%
2019   45%

It’s not a particularly exciting business, but they seem to be doing very well. I think they’re legitimate, and one I’d like to become more familiar with. I’m in for a 3% position.



I also entered into a 1.5% position after the earnings report. It’ll be interesting to see how they scale

Thank-you for the video you added. I might enter this one today on T/A look. Saw the breakout through my scans early this morning, got to wondering if anyone over here knew anything about the F/A and here you go.