New superbug-killing antibiotic discovered using AI

AI making novel drug discovery faster and cheaper! Don’t go dumping your pharma stocks just yet, you still have the lobbying power of big pharma to protect monopolies and patent control and keep those profits flooding in. Geez, that sounds kinda cynical…


AI or big data mining? I think the latter.

Why waste the hype though?

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That’s what I was thinking when reading it. This isn’t AI this is just a machine running lists in a database really really fast. Faster than a bunch of doctors pouring over folders or scrolling through screens.

AI cannot “discover” a new antibiotic. It has to be there already to be discovered. It cannot invent or develop one either. That requires testing and… testing… etc. And it will require applying knowledge of things yet unknown. What’s it gonna do? Think it up “Artificially”? And how (or why) would we just fall for it just because “AI” thought it up all by itself?


That is a huge complaint or major criticism of pop music today. The AI stuff breaks zero new ground.

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