New to this particular board

Who is Saul and why does he have his own board here that is so active? I came across this by looking at “Most active boards”.

From briefly browsing through this board, I see a lot of the stocks I have liked (and bought) listed (SHOP, UBNT, TEAM jumping out). Seems like Saul likes some David Gardner picks (as do I). I am presently a Stock Advisor and Rule Breaker member.

Sorry to be lazy rather than scrolling back to the initial posts on this board.

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I, like you, am relatively new here as well. A few months I trolled and then became a more active poster. Hang around for a while and you will see why many people peruse and post on this board. The posters are great, Saul sure as hell knows what he’s doing and you can find some absolute gems on this board to invest in even outside of what is already recommended on paid fool services. I would start by reading the knowledge base Saul has posted and then read some of the more recommended posts by Saul and others, particularly their end of month portfolio updates. You will not be sorry you found this board and let me be the first to welcome you.



Sorry to be lazy rather than scrolling back to the initial posts on this board.

Rather than be lazy look to the right -------->

Peruse the knowledge base (all 3 parts) and read some posts.

Otherwise this board (or any board, for that matter) will just turn into people asking the same questions over and over again.

That’s what happened over at MF Options - there wasn’t a cohesive “knowlegebase” put together and the boards devolved into different people asking the same questions over and over.

Read! Then ask.


The Knowledge Base is a must read.

Also, you will probably find this board very instructive. It has been a game changer to me. Nothing less.




Read the three part knowledgebase in the right column for an introduction to the board.

And, welcome to one of the most interesting places on TMF!

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The Knowledge base converts to a 52 page Word Document. I have it stored and will print it and edit it.

One day I will create a check sheet to add to my spreadsheet for each company based on the procedures in the knowledge base.

Please note. Even I have made money following Saul. That is a pretty big statement. However, the stocks are high risk and he has had some losers. But he has made money on them. If you get nothing else from Saul. Sell the sells.



Thanks for responses and for pointing me to the Knowledge Base. I almost didn’t see it, as I like to hit the button to make all the replies show up on 1-screen and that takes away that right-hand column. Seeing that section of the board is one more new thing for me to recognize about the message boards here, which I am still learning how to optimally navigate (just joined TMF services in mid-2016).

It sounds like I’ve found a potentially valuable place on this board, and I will try to avoid asking lazy questions in the future that are likely repeats of many others.