According to results published this weekend NKTR’s inhalant did not meet its intended Phase 3 objectives. I held my breath expecting a strong move down on Monday. While it is down around 2% it has moved up tremendously this quarter. the real expectations are for its mu-opioid pain reliever. Phase 3 results are expected in the next few weeks. If successful it could be a real blockbuster.
Below is a brief description of its drug:

About NKTR-181
NKTR-181 is the first long-acting, selective mu-opioid agonist designed to provide potent pain relief without the inherent high levels of euphoria which lead to abuse and addiction with standard opioids. The novel molecular structure of NKTR-181 is designed to have low permeability across the blood-brain barrier in order to slow its rate of entry into the brain and attenuate the dopamine release that underlies euphoria. NKTR-181 is the first opioid molecule to exhibit reduction in specific CNS-mediated side effects, like euphoria and sedation, through the strategic alteration of brain-entry kinetics. In addition, NKTR-181 is designed with an inherent 12-hour elimination half-life to enable twice-daily dosing with continuous pain control.

Be advised expectations are high and the stock is up about 120% this month. However, if a genuine answer to severe pain without opioid’s addictive properties could be a real game changer.