Norway bans smartphones in schools

Norway’s school cellphone ban boosts student grades and health: A model for US schools? (

I’m pretty sure that Apple and Google (Android) have enough Congressman and Senators on the payroll to make sure that doesn’t happen here.



Safety alone was enough for our grandkids to have early cell phones, eventually sliding into smartphones… Parent’s can’t be everywhere, all the time, kids walking to/from school, after school events, classes, sports… Safety First!

How did we survive growing up without smart phones ?

I’m being sarcastic, of course, but I’d like to see not just kids but also adults untether from their digital master. Darn near got run off the road today by a young lady with her head buried in her phone while she was behind the wheel. We were driving on a road with 2 lanes that curved due to road work, and she completely didn’t do her part of the curve. Luckily for me and my truck, I don’t trust anyone on the road, so was paying attention as she came into my lane, and laid on the horn. Got to witness from about 5 feet away her head suddenly pop upward as she realized there was a problem. I hate that crap, she couldn’t put the darn thing down and put everybody else at risk.


What amazes me, given the behavior that we all see, every day, is that my VZ has been dead money. How can VZ not extract exponentially more money from the people who use those phones, as the years pass?


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China controls what kids see on their version of TikTok. Only educational programming is offered. The hours for students to watch is controlled.

Why raise the standards? A starving MBA needs new shoes.

This goes back, long before smartphones… We, well me, my supervisor had the old Motorola bag phones, AMPS, not CDMA or LTE or 5G by a long way… But, as we both were on the road a lot, his office 100 miles away from my area’s work, we’d catch up on situations, needs, whatever as we drove… More than once, a batch of expletives, as either he or I were absorbed in what we were describing, discussing, we missed the turnoff, had to go the longer way, or make a loopback… They did help a lot, but our brains do get lost in our spoken wold, muscle memory, habits take over the physical part, but sometimes, it’s just not the best thing to do…

Today’s world of tech vehicles, smartphones, watches, means if not set up right a call comes in while I’m driving, I have to sort out whether to answer on my Apple Watch, the iPhone, or the RAV4 system, mics speakers everywhere! But there are settings to block if driving, but it’s optional…

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can’t speak for VZ, but I had a front row seat to watch T CEO(s) throw money away on poorly thought out acquisitions. Randall Stephenson forced T shareholders to swallow a $2 Billion ( with a B ) poison pill when the deal he had negotiated with Deutsche Telecom to buy T-Mobile was nixed by anti-trust department. Deutsche kept T-Mobile, and got a nice “little” $2 Billion parting gift. Stephenson saw his pay “slashed” from $27 Million the previous year to $21 Million. Gee, what a punishment. ( I’m going from memory, believe this all happened in 2011 ). How did the strategic thinkers in the T corporate suite not envision even the possibility that the deal would not go thru, and agree to that $2 Billion poison pill ?

So T was and should have been a cash cow, but the cash was diverted to poorly thought out and acted upon impulses from the corporate suite.


Wecoguy, not sure if you’re on FB, but there is a group called Ma Bell that you might like. Basically former employees from all of the companies that are and once were part of the network. Some pretty good memory-lane type posts come up fairly often. I’m not active on it, but do read and enjoy it.

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A direct comparison to your T story would be in the late 90s, when Office Depot tried to merge with Staples. When the internal OD newsletter was hailing that project, with a pic of then OD CEO Dave Fuente and his Staples counterpart, iirc named Stemberg, I thought “number 1 and number 2 office supply chains merging? not a chance that would pass anti-trust scrutiny” Sure enough, the deal was spiked.

CEOs build an echo chamber around themselves, and fill it with yes-men. I have seen the same nonsense, up close, at both the pump seal company, and RS. Whatever nonsense comes out of the CEO’s pie-hole, everyone lines up to hail it as if it sprang from a burning bush on a mountain. I remember a staffer to a recent high level elected official, as he exited his position, telling the big shot “don’t hire another yes-man”, but that is how “JCs” roll.


Yes, I’m on Facebook, on several Telecom Groups, Ma Bell has a couple versions, but I was originally in a Western Electric group, and an Admin there, but also watch, contribute to the Bell Telephone of US & Canada Group, as well as Bell Labs/Alatel/Lucent, Telecom Archeology, Telephone Switching, as well as others of local interest, Mac/Apple interests, or family connections… Admin several, keeping the spammers, creeps out… The telecom Groups tend to be more East Coast centered, or the shops, or outside plant folks, but have connected with others from WeCo, engineers, techs, so a lot of shared memories, trinkets, tools, etc… There are telecom collectors, archives of documents, as well as folks from Automatic Electric…

Most local folks, here in NorCal, either never caught up to the internet, or fear it, so don’t show upon FB, my retiree email list has been steadily shrinking as well, time marches on, I don’t see what were the new guys in the late '90’s-2000’s at all, so they never made as much of a connection to Ma Bell, nor have any.many of the RBOC techs…

We had so, so many employees in not only WeCo, but the whole Bell System, Shops, Labs, Operators, engineers, it’s sad to see them all slip away, so much talent, skills, even people skills, slipping away, but most still have pensions, whether management of represented, some huge funds, pensions are still going, while some have individuals have been bought out…


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Let them go cannibal on the other starving MBAs. Survival of the fittest.

I’m a VZ wireless internet customer. If they jack my monthly rate by even one dollar, I’ll immediatey check the 2 other internet providers that service my area for a better deal.


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i’ve been a VZ customer/user since the iPhone was added to their cells offered and even before with old flip phones… As a WeCo Installer, we installed the original GTE/Verizon AMPS systems, later upgrading them to CDMA, and as I retired in '02 we’d gone to LTE for them… They’ve been the best area coverage while we wandered. hey had the best locations, and even in the telecom slowdown, they continued to add new sites, where others, stalled… We also built the Sprint cell system, good if you were close to a cell site, but they had gaps… But overall, the best techs to work with were the Verizon guys, savviest, and their engineers were also on top of things… Local VZ Store has been great, good folks to deal with… Maybe not the cheapest, we’re paying $130/Mo for our two iPhones, I could save some if I went to the Comcast budding, but I’d rather stick with a known good coverage… And, like T, AAPL, VZ pays dividends!

I’m pretty sure that the kids in Norway can still take their phones with them to and from school. They just lock the phones up while they are on campus.

Maybe in a few months they’ll see clusters of students just outside the gate on their smartphones, like smokers just outside the door of an office building. {{ LOL }}



If VZ hired some honcos from Ford Motor, they would change their business model to jacking up their prices, and not caring about losing tightwad, marginal customers, because they are extracting so much more money from the customers they still have.


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That doesn’t work in these kinds of businesses. When the fixed costs are high and the marginal costs are low and even very close to zero, every marginal customer brings in some small profit. For automakers, the fixed costs are high, AND the marginal costs are high, so a marginal customer may not bring in sufficient profit. The other huge difference is that the value of an unused minute of bandwidth disappears immediately as time passes, the value of a car not produced remains forever (i.e. didn’t spend $1200 on a brake system, you still have $1200, but 40 minutes of unused talk time on your network disappear into thin air as time passes).

This is why every large carrier (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) also operate MVNOs to soak up all those unused megabytes of bandwidth at low prices.

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Consumer Cellular…