NTNX - key points of Earnings Results

For the earnings results, please check the following link:

One key point that I derive from the Q1 earnings result is the fast growing user base, see the following table:

	Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4
2017	4,473 	5,380	6,172	7,051
2018	7,813 			

Customers increase by 74% YoY. In addition,
478 customers have purchased in excess of $1 million, up 74 from last quarter
206 customers have purchased over $2 million, up 40 from last quarter
47 customers that have purchased over $5 million lifetime to-date
16 customers that have purchased $10 million lifetime to-date

The other key point is the transition of business model (from hardware-focus to software-focus), which will boost the margin massively. Below are the related words from CC:

“While we will be focusing even more intently on selling software going forward, it’s worth noting what the past twelve months would have looked like had we chosen not to bill any pass-through hardware-related transactions. Nutanix would have recorded nearly $800 million in pure software and support billings and delivered gross margins above 80%, while continuing to be a leader in very large market,”