Nvda and Gaming Considerations

Their seems to be a huge emphasis on new applications powered by the cloud. In Saul’s portfolio their is a big emphasis on enterprise or business applications in this arena.

Gaming stocks like EA, Atvi, and Ttwo are also taking advantage of the cloud to enhance it’s profitability. Games used to be like a movie ticket purchase. You buy it once and the revenue begins and ends with the purchase. Not any more.

Now video games are being downloaded in digital format and gaming companies are adding content that can be purchased that have been extending the life of the games sold. Turning video game companies into SAAS companies.

Nvidia fans, I am going to share a link to a presentation that happened recently of the new and refreshed Oculus Rift experience. What was shocking to me was that the presenter went out of his way to thank Nvidia and AMD for enabling this experience with the use of the gpu.

When this technology becomes mainstream think of the possibilities of media companies like NFLX, TTWO, EA, ATVI, AND NVDA as video games and media content become more interactive.