NVDA going for recurring revenue?

They are going to start leasing use of their DGX-1 servers for $1,999/month.


I see on the page that they’re touting the shift from CapEx to OpEx for IT budgets (improving the IT organization’s cash flows). For NVDA’s business, it would be a shift to more of a recurring revenue stream/subscription, which is all the rage these past few years (and will likely continue into the near-future).

I have no clue how big of a deal this could be, but I would guess they might start breaking these figures out in coming quarters if the arrangement proves to be successful.

I almost suspect that the partnership with Pure Storage with the AIRI may have exposed NVDA to the Evergreen business model that PSTG is so big on, which could have prompted this offering from NVDA.

long NVDA ; long PSTG