NVDA: GTC Munich: new announcements

Last Month NVDA was in China for the first of a series of GTC events. There NVDA announced new products and partnerships. Munich, Germany is the second stop of the series. Today, NVDA announced 2 new products including:

*Holodeck, Nvidia’s Design Lan of the Future

*Partnership with Deutsche Post DHL Group for self driving car fleet to be tested in 2018

*Next Generation of PX Drive Pegasus for self driving robotaxis (320 trillion operation per second which is a 10x improvement over Nvidia DRIVE PX2)
25+ Companies Developing Level 5 Robotaxis on NVIDIA CUDA GPUs

In the coming weeks, NVDA’s GTC tour will continue as the company travels to Israel, Taiwan, Washington DC, and Tokyo. It is highly likely that the company will announce new products and partnerships at each stop. The stock is up another 4% to around $193 in pre-market trading. This is another all-time high as NVDA passes SHOP as my largest holding.