NVDA: here are the Trillion $ industries

* In the $2 trillion entertainment industry, NVIDIA’s new RTX technology for accelerating ray tracing — the standard for cinema quality — coupled with real-time graphics technology and artificial intelligence, promises to accelerate today’s traditional, CPU-driven render farms.

*In the $7 trillion healthcare industry, efforts such as our Project Clara promise to put GPU computing to work to redefine medical imaging, wringing more fidelity out of today’s medical instruments, or allowing them to generate images of the same quality using less power. That can reduce the energy dose from scanners by a factor of six, making them safe to use on children.

*Safe cities represent another $2 trillion opportunity.

*Transportation — which NVIDIA is addressing with its end-to-end DRIVE platform — represents another $10 trillion. “Everything in the future, that moves, will be autonomous,” Huang said, detailing NVIDIA’s ability to help collect and process data, train models, simulate billions of miles of driving, and driving.


I was telling anyone who would listen in mid-2016 about the coming NVDA explosion…not just the stock, but the company.

So many couldn’t get their mind past NVIDIA as the company that puts GPUs in gaming computers…so just a consumer play in their minds.

I stuck with NVDA from something like $60s to near $120, and sold too soon because I kept questioning myself since I seemed the only one in my neck of the woods that saw the big picture.

Wish I would have jumped on Saul/NPI earlier and I would have likely had the confidence to keep riding the wave.

These announcements you are posting are pumping me back up. Love Jensen’s leadership and this company. While I share Saul’s view that NVDA may have a harder time doubling at their size, I tend to keep more cash as a % of port than Saul and others who like to be “all in” the market.

So I have decided NVDA will be a better use than some of my sideline cash at least.