NVDA invests in Chinese autonomous truck firm


NVIDIA GPU Ventures has joined a group of investors led by Chinese social media company Sina in investing more than $20 million in Chinese startup TuSimple.

Formed in 2015, TuSimple develops technology for autonomous long-distance freight delivery.

TuSimple uses NVIDIA GPUs, NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2, Jetson TX2, CUDA, TensorRT and cuDNN to develop its autonomous driving solution. In June, the company successfully completed a 200-mile Level 4 test drive from San Diego to Yuma, Arizona, using NVIDIA GPUs and cameras as the primary sensor

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It seems likely that before too long autonomous driving will be a commodity. But from a car prospective shorter term, that may not matter. Like the stock market, perceptions rule. If Tesla can win the perception race (easier to do with free PR) then it will win that part of the sales race.

I wonder if TuSimple used a Lidar .
I compare Lidar to a HDD or a DVD player . All those anachronistic spinning parts are very likely to result in a high failure rate. Tesla will not use them until a solid state form, the SSD compared to HDD , is available.
Big auto will use mechanical Lidar sparingly , only in high priced cars where they can afford the warranty claims.

All a WAG of course. In fact I have not been able to track down mechanical Lidar mean time before failure . But one thing for sure ,all those moving parts are expensive.

one study on the impact of autonomous driving
The analysis indicates that some benefits, such as independent mobility for affluent non-drivers, may begin in the 2020s or 2030s, but most impacts, including reduced traffic and parking congestion (and therefore road and parking facility supply requirements), independent mobility for low-income people (and therefore reduced need to subsidize transit), increased safety, energy conservation and pollution reductions, will only be significant when autonomous vehicles become common and affordable, probably in the 2040s to 2060s, and some benefits may require prohibiting human-driven vehicles on certain roadways, which could take longer
FWIW, I agree. By the 2040’s Tesla will be a big hit or gone from the car business.

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