NYT: Advanced EV Batteries Move To Production

There are some interesting photos accompanying this article from the $QS (Quantumscape) factory:

NYT headline: Advanced E.V. Batteries Move From Labs to Mass Production

Sub-headline: Makers of batteries that could charge in a few minutes are setting up assembly lines, bringing the technology a big step closer to auto showrooms.


The factory operations are mostly limited in scale, designed to perfect manufacturing techniques. It will be several years before cars with the high-performance batteries appear in showrooms, and even longer before the batteries are available in moderately priced cars. But the beginning of assembly-line production offers the tantalizing prospect of a revolution in electric mobility.

If the technologies can be mass-produced, electric vehicles could compete with fossil-fuel-powered vehicles for convenience and undercut them on price. Harmful emissions from automobile traffic could be substantially reduced. The inventors of the technologies could easily become billionaires — if they aren’t already.

For the dozens of fledgling companies working on new kinds of batteries and battery materials, the emergence from cloistered laboratories into the harsh conditions of the real world is a moment of truth.

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More on the $QS factory in San Jose. Also named in this article are other solid state battery manufacturers planning on 2024 release dates for their new tech, such as $SES (SES AI), $SLDP (Solid Power)


QuantumScape was worth $54 billion on the stock market shortly after it went public in 2020. It was recently worth about $4 billion.

That has not stopped the company from forging ahead with a factory in San Jose that by 2024, if all goes well, will be able to stamp out hundreds of thousands of cells allowing cars to recharge in less than 10 minutes. Automakers will use the factory’s output to test whether the batteries can withstand rough roads, cold snaps, heat waves and carwashes.

The automakers will also want to know if the batteries can be recharged hundreds of times without losing their ability to store electricity, whether they can survive a crash without bursting into flames and whether they can be manufactured cheaply.

$QS daily chart saw a breakout on 7 JUL which has trended sideways. Last Friday, it closed above the 20 EMA which is beginning to bend upward.


$SES daily chart also shows a breakout from a well defined sym triangle last Friday, closed above the 20 EMA, and now the 20 EMA is bending upward:


$SLDP daily chart lags to the other two, but, the setup of a down wedge here here shows a breakout might happen soon, perhaps tomorrow, unless the markets turn red.


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