Offer for GRIN?

Several months back, British shipping entity, Taylor Maritime Investments (TMI on UK exchange) acquired a chunk of Grindrod Shipping (GRIN)

Well, today they made an offer for the rest of GRIN @ $26/sh…

Is this a good deal for GRIN? Depends on one’s view of the Supramax & Handy markets down the road. If viewed right now, then the offer (IMO) is on the lower side.
TMI’s primary website is very secretive wrt to data access from certain countries e.g. US, so digging into the acquiring company is a little more challenging.

GRIN is the newest position in my shipping basket - initiated in June 2022, and two additional nibbles in July 2022. The June stake was monetized today for a nice gain.

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Market tear-down made me nervous, sold another slice of GRIN in mid-Sept (when Taylor Maritime made an offer). Down to a small GRIN stake