Oil leases cancelled Alaska

So this next snippet is how the sociopaths respond. It is a damn the rest of the world what about my fat wallet?

The … and the fossil fuel industry blasted the decision, which they argue will harm the local economy and increase energy costs.

My comment this year has been the hottest in the last 120,000 years. Save me your tears!

For those of you invested in XOM it will be torn out of your hands. We do not have any time for your “stuff”. Misbeliefs on your part will cost you as usual.

Further snippet

“This industry needs clear, consistent policies in place to support the long-term investment needed to produce affordable, reliable energy, but the Biden administration instead continues to send mixed signals,” the American Petroleum Institute, which represents the oil and gas industry, complained in a statement.

My comment the signals are not at all mixed. Do not invest in oil and gas. Stop, stop, stop investing. The price going up is great for the alternatives. Stop your whining. Get over your lazy gravy train.

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That is easy to fix. Repay the money ripped off by your company by killing all those people with corporate lies over the past 60-80 years. Suddenly, your wallet will “pleasantly slim” and easy to fit into your work clothing. After all, you do intend to start digging your wells by hand–in your own back yard (right?). Why NOT? LOL !!!


This is what is called long-term science-based thinking to solve tough problems, as opposed to short-term thinking for political benefit. I’m all for what the Biden administration just did. If more people watched the 3-part Frontline series about Big Oil the industry would not have as much support as it does now.