OilPrice.com: Oil Prices Head Lower As Credit Suisse Shares Plunge By 60%

As of 8:26 a.m. ET on Monday, the U.S. oil benchmark WTI Crude was down by 1.15% at $65.95, and Brent Crude, the international benchmark, was falling by 1.08% at $72.09.

The last stick on this daily chart is from Friday. The new one for today will print in a few hours.


As news broke about CS being bought and other banks getting bailed out the market turned up and the price of WTI moved back up and stabilized in the 67.7 range after dipping down below 66 transiently. I was in and out of UCO and SCO as this unfolded…doc

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Look at Doc! Another trader in the tribe! Good on ya. Hope you cleared more big gains than tiny losses. Namaste and best wishes going forward.


I am patiently waiting on one of my fave 3x ETFs to bottom and consolidate. $BOIL is not for people who cannot rapidly multi-function and pull triggers with no fear. Or you buy it and only look at it every two days or so as you sit at the all you can eat buffet. (I’ve never seen an all you can eat buffet anywhere in the Keys.

I don’t see Sansa Belt pants and white deck shoes down here. That all you can eat feeding trough and old guys in white shoes and expansion pants is a look the mainland Floridians love.

In the Keys, most of our inhabitants walk around in cargo pants, t-shirts or Hawaiian shirts, sandals (or Crocs, yeesh.) If you know the hidden beaches, we have a growing nudist population of Key West workers. These are beaches no local will ever breathe the location to tourons.

Touron: (noun) (def) “A species of tourists who pay more attention to their damn cellphones, who litter, who pass on double double lines on US1, rather than soak in nature and admire what they never see up North.” (Peregrine Dictionary.)

My favorite time down here, bar none was during the COVID roadblock. No tourons allowed into the Keys then! That was magic. The waters showed no cruise ship pollution or turgidity, species returned to former spawning ground, and for once, US1 shoulders were not covered in mainland litter.

David Attenborough explains what the Earth was like during COVID. You can see this on AppleTV:

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Oh-oh… sounds like me!

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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I love the Keys, been down there 3 times. Shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. Also love the fishing - snook, reds, bonefish, tarpon but the permit has eluded me so far. There’s a cuban place south of Islamorada that I love for the conch frite and right behind that place is a bar called the dead animal bar that is fun and full of locals. There are so many places that are fun down there. My 80 yr old fishing buddy got to hand feed the tarpon at Robbies and that was the thrill of his life, that and riding scooters in Key West / seeing the chickens / hitting all the bars that we could…doc

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