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So you say buying Tesla today would be like buying Apple in 2009.

But what would be like buying Apple in 1997?

Well, they need their jingle hats tuned up. Personally I wouldn’t touch any Musk company with a thousand foot pole… His business sense/nonsense was shown as he destroys Twitter, so at any moment he could as easily flip out over some other wannabe dictator and guess who’d be holding the (empty) bag… Political leanings matter, to all of us…


Buying Tesla in 2013?


Apple 2009 till now is about 40X. So they are saying that Tesla will be worth about 33 trillion in 14 years.


And today, 4/11, we have a bounce after weeks of slip n slide… Is this part of the reason?

Many tech stocks are up today, with both AAPL and NVDA up over 3%.

Well, a good day at last… See what Friday brings…

175.04 +7.26 (+4.33%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT

175.60 +0.56 (+0.32%)
After hours: 07:59PM EDT

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