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OLED - Universla display has been one of my favorite investments having held it for almost 7 years starting @25 . It has given a 8 bagger and I do see it going up further given that OLED has gone mainstream and the OLED TV’s and new application volumes are driving down the price per unit. For the last 2 weeks aftre the Iphone X downgrades the price has dropped almost 20% . I am trying to understand what is the news or the story behind the drop . Nothing seen in mainstream news. Anyone have some nuggets on what could be behind the huge drop given the markets have been going north.


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They have been lumped into the Apple supplier category. So all the negative commentary on Apple plays through to them. Nikkei I believe just speculated that Apple will cut X production by half. The X of course is Apples first OLED. Also there is speculation that the 6.1” will be LCD. All of which could be not accurate. If it is not OLED will be back.

Either way OLED displays are ripe for growth. So I’m sitting tight at least to see the actual Apple call and OLEDs report.


They have been lumped into the Apple supplier category.

Yes, exactly. A buying opportunity. See this opinion piece (http://appleinsider.com/articles/18/01/29/another-january-an…) for a good explanation. Although you should be aware that Dilger is the consummate Apple fanboy, I think he has it exactly right in this case. It’s just the usual FUD from the usual sources.

This is the kind of time when knowing the company well matters. The weak hands are being played. When Apple reports earnings (this Thursday) everything will get better.

(long AAPL since 2002, never been in OLED but might take a look now)