Hey guys, you’ve probably all got the message by now, but you just can’t, CAN’T blab about new Motley Fool paid board recommendations on our board (or other free boards). The Fool is incredibly kind to run this board for us for free, and by giving away their recommendations you possibly endanger our board’s existence and everything we have built here. That ought to be pretty obvious to everyone. Please pay attention.

Thanks for your cooperation



I assume it’s all right to repeat anything mentioned in a free public Fool article. Their disclosure statements mention which stocks discussed in the article are recommended, though it’s possible that not all of these disclosures are up to date.

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We are talking about blabbing information from paid services. It can be Motley Fool’s Rule Breakers or Bert’s newsletter (Tickertarget) or something else that is behind a paywall. Just respect that paywall — it’s really not that hard to figure out that if you pay for a service, the content should not be shared publically.


I believe for the Fool there is a 30-day rule, but I’m not sure of that.

In other words, “Wow! Rule Breakers just recommended XYZ that we’ve been talking about!” is clearly forbidden, or even “On Monday Rule Breakers…!”

At the other extreme, “When Rule Breakers recommended XYZ last summer, it helped me decide to take a position” ought to be perfectly okay.

You can figure out when you are giving away timely information you shouldn’t be, although there may be some grey areas.

For Bert’s articles, the ones he posts for his paid subscribers shouldn’t be referenced. A lot of them are elaborated a few days or a week later to be free Seeking Alpha articles, at which point you can probably reference them with a link to the Seeking Alpha article.

I hope that this helps clarify it.