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I received the following question off-board, and have received others similar.

My first question comes from your end of July portfolio post. In it there was a heading “This is not what they taught you in MBA school!”. I am a freshman in college, and I am still trying to figure out what I want to do for my career. This last year of investing has been really intriguing to me, especially this last month on this board. I am now thinking about a career in finance or business. From your post, however, it seems like colleges do not teach the best way to invest, which is the Saul way :wink: That makes me less inclined to study investing in college because I feel like I could learn better information and strategies from reading every highly recommended post on this board than I could in four years of college. What are your thoughts on this? What educational path do you think would best add on to what is taught here? Also just from your general life experience, what career path would you recommend I take (it doesn’t have to be financial)? Any of your insights would be valuable.

My next question is about student loans. Say I have 10,000 invested right now, and tuition will cost me 10,000 this year. Should I take out a loan to cover tuition so I can keep my money invested so I can potentially come out with more? Or is this too risky and basically gambling? I have read your posts on margin and I see how this is very similar, but I was wondering if you think my case is different.

I’m sorry but I just can’t advise people on what to do with their lives. I’m not a Career Advisor. I’m not a Financial Advisor. I’m in no way qualified to answer questions like this. The decision I would make may not be the one you would make. Everyone has to decide things like this for themselves.



…it seems like colleges do not teach the best way to invest, which is the Saul way :wink:

The smiley not withstanding, that seems like a very dangerous way to think on two accounts. First, the Saul way is a moving target, and what works today might not work a decade from now. The Saul way has evolved just within the life of this board. Second, the idea that there is a best way at all is simply wrong. The approach this board fosters is great for people it fits, but it is hardly the only way.


There are other boards at the Fool where people might be able to connect with others who are comfortable giving their two cents, perspectives, and suggestions. If you go to the Boards home page, there are many, many, many boards out there (some more active than others).

But go out there and connect with people. There is a lot of wisdom out there. You have to suss out the people who give good suggestions – there are so many perspectives and you will have to find your own way. Learning from others is very valuable.

Saul is doing his wonderful part in this area where he is most interested and passionate. He can’t do it all. But go and find others to connect with!

Thanks, Saul, for all that you do here!


Bear in mind that school is as much for the credential as for the education. For example, if you wanted to be a stockbroker, you would take whatever course of study would help you achieve that goal, even if you believed some of what they were teaching you was incorrect.
Borrowing at a low interest-rate to free up money for investing is a valid choice. For example I have more than enough invested to pay off my mortgage but I would never do that! I want that money in names like Datadog and Zoom!

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