From SNCR ticker guide:

“Other major developments include Ron Hovsepian, Chief Executive Officer of Intralinks, to assume the role of Synchronoss CEO at the close of the transaction. As a result, the founder and current CEO of Synchronoss, Stephen G Waldis, would transition to Executive Chairman of the Board. Stephen Waldis would continue to drive strategy, product innovation and oversight for the transformation but would take a less active role in day to day management of Synchronoss”

The bottom line for me, after searching for more info on whether or why this might be a good thing or bad thing is this:

I am acquainted with somebody called Jack Didley. And that is still about all I really know about why this deal is being struck, or whether it might be a good thing going forward.

But it does not look very appealing to me. So I am moving on.


The smart thing for me to do would have been to listen to their conference call.

Next time I won’t be so lazy…:-/


Isn’t the recording or the transcript of the call still available?