On Zoom, and watching fireside chats!

One of the things I am working on is following these “fireside chats”, where executives talk one on one with analysts. These seem to happen occasionally throughout the year. I started listening to these for the company that I ticker guide for, Stitch Fix, last year, and I absolutely LOVE the format – it is more candid and in-depth than the Q&A’s during conference calls, and the videos are all less than one hour, so they’re easy to listen to. If you have time, go see if your top companies have made any appearances at investors conferences – it’s an easy way to glean more info straight from the company’s leaders. Sometimes there are transcripts made of these events, but sometimes not.

Being nudged by Karen, I looked on their website to see if Fastly had been at any Investor Conferences recently. Indeed they had: at a Blair Conference and a BofA conference, both in June.

I looked at the interview at the Blair Conference first. It was with the Interviewer, the Fastly CEO, their CFO, and another C whose title I didn’t get. All four people were calling in from different locations. I just turned it on and it played. Quite interesting seeing them in person, but not much new news. I looked to see what platform it was on and it was on Zoom. That’s why I just turned it on and it played.

Next, I thought I’d take a quick look at the interview at the BoA conference. It was playing on Veracast or something like that. Lots of printed instructions about trying another browser if this one didn’t work, or download this or that to try to make it work, or try doing this or that to make it work. I never DID get it to work. Couldn’t get it turned on. It wasn’t on Zoom… You can’t imagine what a difference that makes until you get hung up on another platform like that. It was like working with some primitive out-of-date relic.

I came away not much changed in my good feelings about Fastly, but more convinced than ever that Zoom has the conferencing business locked up. Plays on any browser, and any device, and JUST WORKS!!!




That’s exactly one of the key differentiators for Zoom. Their code and architecture make that happen. It is not easy to duplicate. And the more share they capture the more share they WILL capture via network effect.

Unlikely many are going to get rid of their Zoom that “just works” so well in so many various ways to replace with an unknown in a market prone to disappoint.

We call that CAP and moat I believe.