Opinions versus advice

I just read Post #8452 by FoolishRob99. In reading that, one could conclude that some people (as least FoolishRob99) think that I am offering people advice. I think he was referring to a post by Karen on the Pro board. I do not have access to those boards so I did not see any of her posts to which people are referring. Let’s be clear what this board is about. It’s about sharing thoughts, analyses, and opinions. In no way, shape, or form should anyone assume or think that I am offering anyone any advice. If someone asks me my opinion about something or if I offer my opinion about something without being asked, my posts should not be considered to be advice. They are just opinions. Everyone here should be personally responsible to do their own homework before a dime of their hard earned money is invested. To invest based on the opinions of posters here is not a prudent way to handle your money.

I enjoy the board. I think I get at least as much out of this as I am providing to others.