Options Trading Level

What options trading level is recommended for the MF Options Service?

I have only ever done options in my Roth account, and I when I was subscribed to the options service I was still able to learn a lot and make money.

So you need at least the basic ability to buy/sell options and puts. I never had margin, but then that was not a problem because I hate using credit in general, and didn’t want to risk my retirement by doing margin stuff.

If you can get the ability to do straddles and stuff like that cool, but I never had it and didn’t find it necessary for what I wanted to learn.

I have been out of the service for some time, but I still trade puts and calls and can make bits of money even in static markets now that I know what to do.

Hope that helps.

Thank you! How long do you hold your contracts on average and what is your typical return? Do you try to have a certain amount in your account in case you have to buy the stock?