OT: BAM completes the split

I know there are a few Brookfield investors hanging out here.

Checked my Schwab accounts tonight and the BAM/BN transition has hit my accounts. Time will tell if the value the Brookfield guys tell us is locked up will break open and run free.

Like i said, time will tell. I’m a cautiously optimistic Brookfield kool-aid drinker so I’m going to let it ride. Been drinking it for quite a while…whats another decade or two to find out the answer. :wink:



Fool article explaining the split:


I actually sold 1/2 my position ahead of the split/distribution and might sell the rest early in 2023 if I can find better ideas.


I sold mine before the split and just re-bought BAM (but just a third…)

What’s your estimate of the IVs of BN and BAM? On the Motley Fool board two recent estimates for the old BAM (quoted from Seeking Alpha articles) are $45 and $74-$82, versus $82-$94 from Brookfield. Quite a range.

As of today’s close the market value of one share of BN plus 0.25 shares of BAM is $33.11 + 0.25*$28.48 = $40.23, more than 50% below Brookfield’s “plan value.”


Would appreciate Manlobbi’s thoughts on value as well as his general thoughts toward the companies post spinoff.

His past analysis have been interesting to me.


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Probably best to find him here ==> http://www.digitalscores.com/MB?command=listPosts&bid=1



I bought Edper 28 years ago; Brascan; Brookfield. Watched as a small outlay grew at what is now about 14.5% for those 28 years.

Manlobbi? Just remember the BPY IV 10 of 7. Now if you think that was either logical or still to come? Well, then you have a different view than me and mostly likely Mr. Market or the real world…and I can’t help you with that.

But it may help to be realistic about Brookfield. I may point out too that Flatt buys a railroad or whatnot, he converts it accounting-wise into FFO. That’s gunna give you that boost given like crypto the market is going to accept it…for a while at least. But the reality is that over time each new addition that too is converted to FFO reporting is going to be less effective in leapfrongging ahead of Brookfield’s reported results.

So ole dealraker says that given time a big yawn is coming for those who today have high blood pressure thinking of how rich they are going to get with the 20% forever mantra as to Bruce Flatt.

Ain’t gunna happen; not even close. IV 10 of 7’s aren’t in the game outcome.

WYF is that website? An episode of the Twilight Zone?

What are the US tax implications for immediately selling the ‘spinoff’ BAM shares held in a taxable account?