OT:Cartel Apologizes & Turns Over Kidnappers

There have been calls a certain US political party to treat Mexican cartels as terrorists and subject them to military attacks.
Well if we did that, the international relationship with Mexico would turn to SHYTE. We would lose the current and potential manufacturing base of Mexico.

The US effort to aid the Colombian government fight drugs from the supply side is a failure. So was the US effort against Afghan heroin. Likely a similar effort in Mexico would not end well either.
We could fight the drug war from the demand side. Jailing users has proven to be unsuccessful. We could legalize all drugs. Such an action lowers profits of cartels and shifts costs from law enforcement & imprisonment to healthcare side of the ledger. I don’t know if the costs would be higher or lower but perhaps would reduce violence from cartels.
Any geniuses out there with solutions?

And just in:


Yes, I saw that news item about a prominent Senator talking about putting forth legislation authorizing military force against Mexico.

Of course, Shiny-land has a long history of intervention in Mexico. While WWI burst forth in Europe, the US was involved in a series of interventions in Mexico, from the occupation of Veracruz in 1914, to the invasion of northern Mexico by forces under Pershing, which included a young George Patton, in 1916-1917. That was followed by a series of interventions in Central America and the Caribbean to make the area safe for Shiny money interests.


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