OT: Chicago North Side Saulinians?

I am only taking up space with this on the board because I believe this post will add real value to the board in 2019. I am looking for fellow Saulinian-style investors to talk growth stocks with - I have gorgeous studio in Evanston and will host, provide snacks and finest quality beverages. Heh heh. Rookies only welcome if willing to work hard. Good souls only. This will be a once-a-month thing. And it may even get its own logo and t-shirt! I believe good humans, together, in an actual room is invaluable.

Email me (do not respond here and clutter board!) if you are any of these things: a) live in the area b) are a dedicated Saulinian-style investor c) bring something to the table in terms of MATHEMATICAL analysis or TECH - cloud/SaaS expertise. d) are a cool fun person. Absolutely no negativity of any kind will be tolerated and like here, political discussions are strictly banned.

This is meant to be fun, Foolish and extremely profitable. I believe that the Saulinian method represents the evolution of Fooldom. And after a year of studying various strategies, this to me is, without doubt, the best we have ever seen.

Fool On,



Where is your email address listed?

I live in Bloomingdale and have a heck of a schedule but depending on date, I would like to join. Thanks.