OT: Drumsticks, mmmmmmmm

A quick update on the gorgosaurus libratus, a smaller cousin of my all-time favorite animal (and all around great swimmer), Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Scientists carefully removed the fossilized remains of cousin gorgosaurus and discovered remnants of two small oviraptorosaur—(feathered dinosaurs with a toothless beak) in its stomach. This is the first time we have actual proof of what a tyrannosaurus ate. Apparently, the gorgosaurus bit off the legs (the only thing found in the stomach) and left the remains. Turns out tyrannosaurus may have been a bit of a drumstick connoisseur. Ostriches beware.


I like drumsticks, thighs, and wings for broth.

Oviraptorosaur broth. Yum.


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I do not eat the bones but same difference.

But not as good as spotted owl or dodo bird. :rofl: