OT: Edamane young soy beans


I heard about edamane on Heartland TV this morning. Its an Asian delicacy consisting of baby soybeans usually boiled in the pod in saltwater and eaten (after shelling) like nuts.

It’s often found in sushi bars or the frozen food section of major grocery stores like Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, etc.

Soybeans are loaded with protein. A healthy snack food to know about.

According to the TV show, common on the West Coast but rare in soybean country.

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We have no problem finding them in Champaign, IL … but then, we have a lot of Asian food stores because of the University.

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I find edamame all but addictive. It’s reasonably easy to find around here, central TX.

They’re great and great tasting, too. If you have a deficiency, they may also be great for boosting your estrogen!