OT Forget your wine

My cardiologist has told me to stop drinking, period. Calls it a poison. I’ve stopped.


I stopped at age 30. Went to AA for 10 years. Have not had a drop in 30 years. Life is good for the most part. I would not have it any other way.

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Meh. I have 1 glass of Tesseron cognac every Saturday night. And 1 glass of red wine when I go out for dinner (at most, once every 2 weeks). And a few beers during the warm weather season (where I live, that’s called July).

Rule #1: Everything in moderation.

Every rule has an exception.

Exception to Rule#1: Dark Chocolate. :grin:


The British woman who wrote the book on flies does not like chocolate. Flies pollenate the cocoa plant’s flowers. No see’ums as we call them. The canal to pollenate the flowers is miniscule.

There is no best food for a lot of things. Because to medicate generally with food would take too many calories.

For instance, red wine has resveratrol. But you would need 3000 bottles per day to get the benefit. You’d be dead on day one. I do not remember the exact number of bottles but it is up there.

Water is the only food that saves lives easily. The more water you consume in your food generally the better your weight management.

Drinking the proper amount of water whatever that is for you is healthy.

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Maybe you should read the article title as “9 Healthier (and 7 Much Less Healthful) Foods for High Blood Pressure”.

which is rich in fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, seeds, whole grains and low-fat dairy.

@PucksFool That list goes to what Noom is saying about water. We eat till the weight of the food satisfies us. Water in those foods is the main source of satisfaction.

Do not gamble on this next thing. As I am saying you need more than you can consume. Yes that is stated differently here. But like wine do not be surprised if this does not hold up for chocolate.

It’s rich in the flavonoid cacao, an antioxidant that dilates blood vessels and thus lowers blood pressure, points out Kris-Etherton. Look for a bar that contains 70 to 85 percent cacao, according to the American Heart Association, since that indicates it’s richer in flavonoids. A 2017 review of 35 clinical trials published in the Cochrane Library found that regular consumption of cocoa lowered blood pressure by about 4 points in people who already had high blood pressure. “You just need to be careful, because if you eat too much, you’ll gain weight,” says Kris-Etherton.

There are no surprises in the article.

I had high BP till I lost 55 lbs. The main tool was water in the foods making them less calorie dense. You can not eat your way to medicine out of food.

You can poison yourself with food quite easily over time and in several different ways.

The most healthful and delectable source of chocolate are the unprocessed cacao beans chocolate is made from. You can buy in many larger grocery stores and almost all that have pretensions to health (you may have to push on the management a little).

There are two basic types: cacao lavado and cacao fermentado (washed or fermented). I like them both. You get more fiber, more water, and no sugar nor other additives. The taste is not sweet, but delicious. You can readily create the best hot cocoa on earth from them.

I have an advantage because I can buy them in bulk here in Mexico.

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