OT - K-9 Explosives Detection Unit

I was looking at the Alumni magazine of one of the colleges I attended and learned that they are the only college in Massachusetts with their very own K-9 Explosives Detection Unit.

No wonder the tuition is now $80,000/year.



It would explain why ALL the students want to get around campus on a Hoverboard…

I toured University of Florida a few weeks ago (for the third time), but this was an in-depth tour and while walking through one building, the guide mentioned that they have their very own nuclear reactor in that building!

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Yep. My alma matter had their very own nuclear reactor, too. But it didn’t have enough plutonium to create an explosion.

The WPI reactor-readying for the next generation (Conference) | OSTI.GOV


There was (still is? Don’t know) a small reactor at the U of MN in the Twin Cities. I saw it back in the late 1960s, and it was not new then. It was for the physics dept, I guess. Just looked online and it appears it was removed. No idea when.

Built in 1938, torn down in 2016.

A Van de Graaff would be an accelerator, rather than a reactor.