OT:Life Extension CAR T cells

The Takeaway

CSHL scientists have found a way to reprogram T cells to fight aging. After using them to eliminate specific cells in mice, the scientists discovered they lived healthier lives and didn’t develop aging-associated conditions like obesity and diabetes. Just one dose provided young mice with lifelong benefits and rejuvenated older mice.

This is done by programming CarT cells to attack senescent cells.

The article is from a paper published in:


Amor, C., et al., “Prophylactic and long-lasting efficacy of senolytic CAR T cells against age-related metabolic dysfunction”, Nature Aging, January 24, 2024. DOI: 10.1038/s43587-023-00560-5

This is the only paper cited and I do not have access, so this is both murky (as I haven’t read the paper and probably would not understand it if I did) and tenuous
as this is the only paper and probably the only study.

On the other hand, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory seems to be a well respected research facility. I would look forward to a dog study. I miss my old wiener dog.



Here ya go…

Prophylactic and long-lasting efficacy of senolytic CAR T cells against age-related metabolic dysfunction
Amor et al.



Car T treatment is one of the most expensive procedures covered by Medicare

{{ This treatment is very expensive, costing $375,000 or $475,000 depending on the type of being treated. Because of this high cost, many medical centers do not offer this treatment. Medicare benefits have also been increased to reimburse 65 percent of the treatment cost, up from 50 percent. This increase improves hospital reimbursement and will likely increase the number of clinics offering this therapy option to patients }}

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