OT:Mass Arrest of Protesters

A feeling of deja Vu has come over me.
I seem to recall this stuff went on 1965-1972 on college campuses. Mass arrests failed then and I suspect they will fail now. To complete the picture we now need a law and order candidate for the presidency.

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You mean the one arguing currently that they are above the law and immune from prosecution for breaking laws?


I have to give a lot of credit to the Speaker, Mike Johnson who recently said the following about the protests:

This is dangerous. This is not the First Amendment, this is not free expression,…

This is not an expression of the First Amendment. This is not an exchange of ideas. This is — this is threats and intimidation of violence…

If this is not contained quickly and if these threats and intimidation are not stopped, there is an appropriate time for the National Guard…

The responsibility of [the person in charge] is to keep peace … and ensure the safety of [people]— job number one. If they’re incapable of doing that, they need different leadership. I think this is time for a really strong hand. [Not a] weak and inept leader. [Time] to resign in disgrace.

Oh! You are to be forgiven if you thought he was making those comments about the riots and violence of January 6th.


He can’t He is not an American citizen.

This is exactly what is protected under the First Amendment!
Because citizens realize that their leaders are ignoring them be it King George or a sitting president. And they refuse to just sit down and shut up.

While there has been a rise in hate speech on both sides of the protests, she said legitimate speech must be protected, and people must be allowed to express their political views.

Amen sister.

And a constituency that disdains higher education, and those who have a higher education. Especially when college student loans are a hot issue.