OT? Massive, disruptive product launch


The “old” kind of apple, but with a trademarked name - Cosmic Crisp.


The “old” kind of apple, but with a trademarked name - Cosmic Crisp.

It’s hardware. :innocent:

Barritt, then the head of the apple-breeding program at Washington State University, made the cross that led to Cosmic Crisp in 1997. (Because of how long it takes test trees to mature and produce fruit, 22 years from cross to launch is fairly quick when it comes to bringing a new product to market.

Where was the WWW in 1997?

The Web back in 1996-1997

To give you some perspective, in 1996…

- Google.com didn’t exist yet.

- In January 1996 there were only 100,000 websites, compared to more than 160 million in 2008.

- The web browser of choice was Netscape Navigator, followed by Microsoft Internet Explorer as a distant second (Microsoft launched IE 3 in 1996).

- Most people used dial-up Internet connections with mighty speeds ranging from 28.8Kbps to 33.6Kbps. Highly modern 56Kbps modems would arrive in 1997.

- People had only recently started to switch from 640×480 to 800×600 screen resolutions.


And the real Apple went from iMac to iThis, iThat, and iTheOther. THAT’s BREEDING!

Sorry, could not resist :innocent:

Denny Schlesinger