OT My parents and others over 65

My parents are getting scam emails labeled as if from a major bank.

My parents are over age 65.

We need to pass a law with two approaches. The first anyone in our country attempting to scam someone over age 65 should see an extra 5 years added with no parole to their prison sentence for criminal attempted fraud. The second that the US government has the right to attack online any computers involved in perpetrating any fraud scam attack until the foreign sending network as a whole is completely nonfunctioning. Unless that country stops in everyway any fraud attempts to all American citizens.

The second would would mean the delivery of systems abroad and here in the US that detected fraud and blocked it in various ways. Including finding offenders and locking them up.

The second banks on other interests in a nation needing the internet for better things that criminal intent.

This all has to stop. We are putting up with attempted robberies all day long. Digital muggings. We are even allowing medical records to be locked up so that patients face possible death. We do not have to do any such passive things.

As far as freedom of speech that does not included attempted robbery. You can not pass a note to a bank teller saying give me all your money. That is not freedom of speech. It also is not freedom of speech to gaslight thousands of people with emails at a time with the click of a few buttons.

Adding a third thing, gmail, yahoo mail, bing mail and the others need to be fined if scams land in inboxes. There is certainly the ability to build scammer email lists and stop the scammers right away instead of depending on just your local spam folder.

I would love to get paid by Yahoo every time they handed me a scam email.

Perhaps three is the best idea. Forget after age 65. Pay us for not doing the job. Google Yahoo and Bing endless blacklist spam but not the fraud cases. The services could be refusing to do business with known scammers.

Or charge $20 to get an email address and charge $2000 for the second email address. See how many scammers want another email address. Go by IP address and phone number so that the scammers can not just get another account.

Anything to stop being inundated by scams.

Then do this with phone numbers to stop the phone scams. If you use your phone number to spread scams you get no phone number for ten years.

If you send scams through Verizon equipment from Russia to my phone Verizon owes me $50 per incident. Yearly US government reports on this and mandatory payouts to the American public.

Short of public hangings this could be fixed.


“Anything to stop being inundated by scams”.

is at hand!!!

Check out todays WSJ article on people hiring a chatbot to spoof being their vulnerable dotty old senior parents. The bots will keep eager fraudsters endlessly on the phone with convincing interested conversation, destroying the fraudsters profit margins. There is a firm offering this service for $25/year!

Of wider interest is the increasing use of chatbots to do the early phases of telephone negotiations for businesses buying commodity type parts and physical ingredients. Much of the early phases of the negotiation are basically tediously pro forma. When conversation is getting down to brass tacks the bot switches in a real human to close the deal…

O brave new world, that has such “people” in’t!

david fb


While we are on this theme of “people counterfitting providing a service in the pursuit of fraud” being countered by “counterfit people (BOTS) countering the counterfitting real people” (whew!), check out this crucial article by the brilliant Daniel Dennet:

david fb

P.S. It was all forecast by Baum: Oh... what a world, what a world. - YouTube

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Right now I do not want to pay for the data but I will be one of them soon.

Train them to think reasonably–which they are not doing if they think those “bank” solicitations are real. If they won’t, then talk to their financial institutions about their vulnerability to fraud.

The issue is mine not theirs. My parents are able for this. I am the worrier. Not about the money. My parents are in their mid 80s.

I called my dad the other day while mom was on a trip to Ireland. He did not answer. If you have a parent who is into his mid 80s and he does not answer you think about his welfare differently. Meanwhile he is having a good time bowling with the guys. Mom is flying to see family. They are okay. That wont last.

That said I am sick of all the passive responses in the law to scammers. That is not a worry at all. That is lets get rid of this criminal activity. If only so that we are not interrupted by sociopaths all day long.

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