OT:Overcoming Culture-Difficult Even If the Differing Cultures have the Same Goal

The American engineers complained of rigid, counterproductive hierarchies at the company; Taiwanese TSMC veterans described their American counterparts as lacking the kind of dedication and obedience they believe to be the foundation of their company’s world-leading success.

I expect the cultural differences will be overcome between Taiwan & US.
Unlike Afghanistan & US where imposition of democracy failed after 20 years of occupation.


Airbus suffered similar cultural differences. In an interview, one Airbus project manager said people usually fit their national stereotype. In one meeting, he laid out what he thought was a reasonable set of goals and timelines. The British engineers in the meeting thought he was being extremely rigid and demanding, while the Germans thought they had been given no guidance at all.



Google search shows that a large chip fab factory can use up to 10 millions gallons of water a day. If that is true, why in the world would they build a plant in Arizona? Is water usage and conservation of water no longer an issue in the arid SW?

do semconductor factories need a lot of water ? - Google Search

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Back in October 2023, I addressed this here in the following post.



Arizona gave the most tax incentives?


Arizona is arid, but not totally dry, and as in most of the world the biggest user of water by far is still, “agriculture” (according to my two Arizona friends with interest in economics, the actual state water usage statistics are “muddy”, LOL, once you put them through a strainer, with lots of cheating). Unlike most of the world, “urban uses” far outrank “industry”.

However, the past three decades of explosive population and suburban growth has starred golf courses and green lawns, some of those partaking in the “muddiness” by claiming to be “agricultural”.

In 1958, when I was a child on my first mountaineering visit to Arizona, it was still magnificently desert, and my lung challenged asthmatic older brother took great relief from the lack of pollen, a prime motivator for thousands of its early retiree inhabitants. Not anymore.

There would be plenty of water available, but only if the inhabitants stopped insisting on pretense of living in the English(roses!)/Scottish(golf!) countryside, and gave up on alfafa for tax protected horsey “ranching”.

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I’ve been to AZ a few times. The scenery is so very different than what is found in the upper Midwest, I definitely plan on going back. After visiting Monument Valley, remember doing a hard drive and ended up at one of the Canyon impoundments and spent a few hours basking in the sun and water. It was better than any beach I’ve ever been to in Florida.

The link Imuafool posted shows that the fab factories heavily recycle water, and provide funding for improving the water infrastructure in the area of their plants. I have to admit, I was bewildered at first as to why they would build water intensive plants in areas prone to drought, but it sounds like they know what they’re doing, and working with the government to actually try to improve the water situation. I’ve read about how the Colorado river water is divvied up in a manner based on fantasy, more water promised than actually exists, so it’s good to hear that the fab building companies are working in reality, not fantasy.