OT: Para

Buffett bought it.
Bloomstran has it(before Buffett bought it).
The chairwoman recently bought $2m using her own money and $20m through the trust/holding company she control.
Stock is trading at half of the level of when CBS is merged with Viacom.
Owner of Star Trek (although its fans are mostly elder people)

Have huge pile of debt though (16bn, I think. )

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Disney and Viacom18 have won the five-year media rights for the Indian Premier League cricket tournament, people familiar with the matter said, beating rivals including Sony to a license that gave the California-headquartered giant a big leg up in amassing over 200 million subscribers.

Viacom18 — a venture between Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance and Paramount — scored the streaming rights for the Indian subcontinent region with a bid of $2.63 billion Monday, according to a person familiar with the matter. Disney bagged the television broadcast rights in the same region for a sum of $3 billion, another person familiar with the matter said. The auction for overseas streaming rights is underway and will resume on Tuesday.


If paying the most in an auction is winning, then PARA did win one.

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I bought PARA about a year and half ago, liked the current earnings, dividend and the prospects for growth with their streaming strategy and vast library of good content. I’m way underwater on the position, but they seem to be executing fine on the business front, and it looks very cheap, so I’m holding on. I did like to see BRK bought in. :slight_smile:

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