OT: QQQE vs. QQQ (extra characters to get past the filter)

FYI: As many of you are probably aware the big tech stocks (MSFT, AMZN, GOOG, etc…) have taken a big hit in their share price (the business fundamentals still seem strong however), and this has created a decent sized gap in the performance of QQQE (equal weight) vs. QQQ (cap weight) tech index.

6 Month Returns

QQQE : -12.3%
QQQ : -16.8%

The 5 Year return for QQQ is still well ahead of the QQQE, it will be interesting to see if that gap continues to close or if big tech comes back into favor.



Also made me think about the prospects of QQQ vs QQQE going forward. Seems like many of those large companies are now fair to inexpensive: META, AMZN, INTC, GOOG. That bodes well for QQQ, no?

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Maybe, of course if you like those companies at current prices why not just buy them directly?