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"Every year the [Gallup] poll surveys more than 120,000 people in more than 150 countries asking, among other things, what emotions they felt for a lot of the previous day…

"When it comes to anger and stress however, the gap with men is widening. In 2012 both genders reported anger and stress at similar levels. Nine years later women are angrier – by a margin of six percentage points – and more stressed too.



Not enough good sex?

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my orthopedic surgeon prescribed it for lower back pains!

Really! Doctor Gasser was one of a kind!!


Could it also be related to ‘a few short bursts of intense exercise’? :slightly_smiling_face:


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The MOTIVATION to intense exercise? :wink:

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I attribute this to more women getting what they have been asking for. More women competing for jobs with other men and women increases stress levels.

Maybe a simplistic answer to a complex question, but this has to be a significant contributor.

==> sometimes you get what you ask for


Speaking as a card-carrying feminist since the 1970s (or at least a subscriber to Ms. magazine) I agree with you.

Any major social change leads to positive and negative consequences, many of them unforeseen and unintended.

The women’s movement was a great benefit to women like myself. Intelligent, highly educated and talented in technical fields, I was able to enter a virtually all-male profession (industrial chemistry) and earn enough to buy a house at age 29. (Very rare for a single woman to buy a house in 1984.) Although I married, I didn’t have kids so I didn’t have the problems of being a working mother.

Many women suffered as a result of the change in laws due to the women’s movement.

No-fault divorce led to women (especially older women who had never worked before) being thrown into poverty without alimony.

Women have become more successful in school, more graduating at all levels than men. Whether or not it is connected, boys and men have slacked off, graduating less and working less.

“In the U.S … the 2020 decline in college enrollment was seven times greater for male than for female students.”

“Among men with only a high-school education, one in three is out of the labor force. For those who have a job, typical earnings are $881 a week, down from $1,017 in 1979.”

“Mortality from drug overdoses, suicides, and alcohol-related illnesses … are almost three times higher among men than women.”

Inactivity Rate: Aged 25-54: Males for the United States

It’s no wonder that women are stressed out. They are expected to work and also raise children. The men are slacking off and dumping the work on the women. And good men are harder and harder to find.

No wonder women are angry.


Much of the discussion is on the statistical level.

That is not the psychological level.

Individually many people that are angry do not know when to back it off. Women have a much greater freedom in our society to express themselves. In fact many of the young men and women with SM are now much more expressive. With that comes a need to learn socializing skills. No generation has an easy time of that.

On the male side of the coin accepting women as vocal has been difficult for many men. I do not appreciate men trying to stop an important progress for our societies in the west. Or beyond in places like Iran. Men can argue and be friends the next moment. Women can as well but between the sexes outside of wedlock that is still problematic for people of the two genders.

In wedlock if that is problematic…ouch,…

Some of these things are very instinctual.

If they had to put up with the nonsense I did at work, every day, they would be cranky all the time too…like my mom, who developed irritable bowel syndrome. after decades working as a secretary, since 1968, to a petty dictator*.


*too late to do my mom any good, Ray finally crossed a line, and the Chairman of the Board fired him, with immediate effect, as in “clean out your desk, right now”.


Well, the first thing I thought of was, despite the fact that women represent slightly over half of the population:

They represent less than 28% of House and just 24% of the Senate

There have been zero female presidents

They represent about one-third of federal judges

They represent less than 9% of Fortune 500 CEOs

They earn about $.82 for every $1.00 a man earns

Not too surprisingly, the average women’s net worth is about 82% of a man’s net worth

And that doesn’t even touch a whole host of other areas of sexual inequality. There is much more, but you get the drift.

Is anyone surprised women are more stressed and angry? Who wouldn’t be stressed and angry?

I’m more stressed and angry just writing this post. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …………


As has been said so well by Wendy, Leap, Steve and AW said, the problem is they are not getting what they asked for.

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Is it possible that in general the position of women has changed little? Maybe the perception of the position of women by women has changed due to a narrative change and a focus on bringing that narrative change to women.

I do not have time to fully explore my
thoughts here.

But let me point out some things

  1. A fact combined with an emotion is remembered longer than a fact with no

  2. The women’s section of Walmart is front and center. The sections men are more interested in are in the back.

  3. Women make up a large portion of swing voters.


Actually, they are getting what they publicly said they wanted: equal access to all the pressure, grief, and nonsense, that men have had to put up with since forever.

Has anyone done a study of the people who “go postal” every year? Are the numbers of female workplace shooters catching up with men?


Do you actually think that women ever had it easier than men? Or that they didn’t experience the same amount (or even more) of the pressure, grief, and nonsense that men did?

I believe the issue is about equality, the very foundation of our country. Men and women are not treated equally.

Oh, and women make up about 2% of mass shooters. I hope they don’t reach equality on this one.


I hope men reach equality with women on this one. Even better, strive for zero mass shootings.



men are slacking off and dumping the work on the women.
Sure? Is it possible that their work simply changed? At least here in Germany there are immensely more young men visible who push baby buggies around. Less visible there are also uncountable more young men doing household chores than in former times. The work of many men here partly changed to less visible work, former women’s work, thanks to feminism - - - or Capitalism?

The latter because I often suspect women’s liberation movements with the goal of every woman working might be just a conspiracy of (male) capitalists to increase GDP growth.

And good men are harder and harder to find.
Naturally, because thanks to the above there are less and less “men” around, only “boys” remain (No matter which age).

Btw: I am an old fashioned Macho. One who is all for women’s liberation (which is not necessarily a contradiction). But my definition of that liberation is different. The REAL problems for women I am not seeing as all those western “Activists” in the West in MeToo, sexual harassment, unequal pay etc., but in the countries where women are REALLY suppressed by men, countries where women have to fear for their lives and their health because of men.

MeToo? Sexual harassment? First all those Journalists/Activists which are putting sooo much energy into PC themes should invest the same amount into decrying and ending women circumcision. Then I might respect them - - - but when it comes to those far more dramatic problems of women in this world they are quiet.

@said2 people can recognize that there are TWO problems and try to address them separately because they aren’t the same and can’t be addressed together.

It’s absurd to “lose respect” for the MeToo movement (which addresses a serious problem of sexual harassment in the workplace that has Macroeconomic impact because it affects workplace performance of millions of women) when the same people probably deplore female genetal mutilation (“women circumcision”) but do not have the direct connection to address it.

You can be an “old fashioned Macho” while still being intelligent…maybe. :wink:
Calling opposition to workplace sexual harassment “PC” just shows that you have never been harassed – and may yourself have harassed women? Don’t expect that to find any sympathy from me.


when the same people probably deplore female genetal mutilation (“women circumcision”) but do not have the direct connection to address it.

The direct connection they have. Read what I wrote: I was talking about Journalists and activists, not about women who were sexually harassed. I was talking about the people dominating and leading the discussion, the ones with the means and the power.
P. S.: shows that you have never been harassed

No? How do you call it when a 7 year old boy (or maybe I was 8 then) in a public swimming pool under water is approached by and his genitals touched by a pedophile?

I don’t know you, but you don’t know me either, and maybe should be less quick with your judgements.


Wendy, I just read that:

That’s the stuff I would like to write Western journalists about and Activists to act about. This is a whole generation of women by stone-age barbarians being robbed of an education and of them being able to decide about their own life’s.


@said2 although Afghanistan is horrible to women, Iran is the stuff of nightmares.



Right! Both are.

But it’s possible to do something against it (though maybe less in those two countries): I once met an Australian woman whose job immensely impressed me, a lawyer who worked in an department at the UN in Geneva whose task it is to “beat” women-suppressing countries with their own laws, by looking at cases where women are discriminated and trying to find something opposing in the law of that country itself, to held their own law against them to help such women.

[Edited - forgotten before: A difference is that in Afghanistan it’s a permanent situation, same as in Iran the last decades, while the current extreme situation in Iran hopefully doesn’t last long as in Iran it’s a war, with the typical “war-like measures” limited to war time. I read similar reports about Putin’s army and Ukrainian women now. And the best example because well documented: The mass rapings by the Serbian army in the Serbian-Bosnian war 1992-1995. Generalisation, I know, but ever since when I hear “Serb” I am reminded on that.]