OT -- Taylor Swift not seen as much as you think

{{ And that dissonance between how many times Ms. Swift is shown versus how many times people seem to think she was shown, has continued despite the reality that she is typically on screen for less than 25 seconds over the course of [NFL] broadcasts that run longer than three hours, and her name is rarely mentioned. }}



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Then again, Taylor Swift is being seen more than you think: :wink:



Not something I spend much time worrying about.


AI threatens to destroy IP.

Or, is it considered “fair use” to use someone’s likeness to sell Le Crueset cookware without their consent?

The most interesting thing about the Taylor Swift/NFL angle is that she’s seen on TV for 25 seconds per Kansas City Chiefs broadcast, but attracts an additional 2 million female viewers for the entire 3+ hours in the hopes of seeing Taylor. That 25 seconds may be the most profitable 25 seconds of the broadcast.



This kind of AI will destroy something else … now that it is so good at doing this kind of stuff, no photo or video will ever be considered “real” in the future. Unless the photo/video includes an explicit “vouch” by the subjects of the photo/video, it will be assumed to be fake. And even the “vouch” can be faked by AI, so nothing at all will be considered real anymore.


The NFL is hoping Swifties sit down with their boyfriends and watch games. It could happen. They were doubling the number of eyeballs in some homes.

No matter what the NFL folks say, they love Taylor. $$$$

I didn’t think it possible, but there now seems to be more Cathie Wood hype on my “news” feed than this woman’s

Oh they don’t have to hope. It has happened.

Swift’s first appearance at a Chiefs game on Sept. 24 resulted in the highest-rated NFL broadcast of the week and the second-highest-rated of the season up to that point with 24.3 million viewers, despite a lopsided score (the Chiefs trounced the Chicago Bears 41-10). It was also the highest-rated NFL game of the week among women in three different age demographics between 12 and 49, according to FOX Sports. The rise in viewership, particularly among women, has only continued for subsequent broadcasts of Chiefs games attended by Swift.

Female viewers for NFL games - all NFL games - are up 9% this year, the highest point in NFL television ratings history.

Ticket prices for Kansas City games spiked 43% in the secondary market in the 48 hours following the revelation of Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce (we now learn, pronounced “Kels”).

The NFL, like any television property, welcomes the new attention and new fans. It drives advertising, ticket sales, merchandise, concessions, and all the other things that go into overpaying largely not-really-qualified-for-college graduates, and keeps the value of the franchises rising evermore.

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Do you have a libertarian newsfeed for BTC?

I am not surprised. Swifties have power. If I was going to invest time into Swift it would be for her music not her NFL moves. I read about the kiss a few weeks ago and saw the footage. I prefer my radio time.

Swift and Kels strike again…another smooch…

Ms. Wolf loves the idea of sitting down with her boyfriend to watch NFL games.

Sadly, she’s stuck with me.


Today, the NFL announced the 2024 salary cap, which increased by an “unprecedented” $30 million amount due to an “extraordinary increase in media revenue.”

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