OT: Trans-action denied

Trans woman's bank account frozen in 'sounded like man' row - BBC News.
A transgender woman said she “felt humiliated” after a bank froze her account because she sounded like a man. Sophia Reis, from Nottingham, was using Santander’s telephone banking service when a member of staff said she could not access her money.



Sorry that happpened to that person. I rarely call Fidelity, but had a question the other day so I gave them a call. They verified my account information from my phone and my voice. I forgot that I had gone through the process of registering my voice a while back.

Pretty cool tech when it works.


Apparently it works well in most cases. But if you remove your testicles, or use some other technique that changes hormone levels, which changes the timbre of your voice, it doesn’t work as well. As always, tech can only work when given reasonable inputs. The good news is that you can authenticate yourself in other ways, and even re-train the voice recognition.


Yeah that efforts to bring trans main stream are good. Stops the violence against them hopefully.

The idea that the practical problems inherent in their transitioning are major problems for the rest of us are a mixed bag. But those problems are not a major cost to any of us.

Thinking this is a major embarrassment? It was a private phone call until now.

Makes sense though. She is hoping the coders will get to this problem.

On a related tangent, It is probably about time we stop asking the gender question on financial products when it is not relevant. There is no relevance as to the gender of a person for a checking account; or most accounts.

It makes sense to ask such for financial planning purposes (mortality, potential differences in healthcare expenses) but not much else.



I half agree with you.

The reason this is happening across the board is the history of violence and discrimination. The idea in the their community and beyond is to come right out in public and get accepted.

It is a seeming overkill of course but really if you look at the history it is not. It is an organized strategy to change our society.

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