OT Where does this Taliban grade nonsense come from?

One spring, at one of the Steelcase dealerships I worked for, an edict came out from the honcho: women were not allowed to wear sleeveless outfits. All women were required to keep their arms covered at all times. A titanic firestorm raged as the female staff pushed back, clicking “reply to everyone” as they told the honcho what they thought of his edict, so I saw the replies. I don’t know how that ended up, as I worked out in the warehouse, miles from the head office where the honcho was dictating women cover themselves.

Seems the state of Missouri is now issuing the same decree for female members of the legislature. No sleeveless dresses allowed.

Where does this nonsense come from?


Or else what?……………

God or instant Karma? People make claims.

One day the Apple distributor for Venezuela comes to my store and comments, “Your secretary is braless!” to which I replied, “That’s her business, I guess she does not need one.”

The Captain


Somehow that probably was okay with you. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Somehow that probably was okay with you.<<

I had learned by then, no matter what sort of nonsense comes out of the “JC’s” piehole, keep my mouth shut. Being close to retirement changes your priorities.

Humorous piece on the local “news” last week, parroting the narrative the media has been chattering about the past year “where have all the go-getters gone?”, which is a vector of “silent quitting”. I can tell them where. People have learned to keep their mouths shut, because trying to do the right thing, or stand for the right thing, either brings the wrath of the “JC”, or becoming everyone’s b!tc4, because the “JC” is either vindictive or lazy, maybe both. I finally learned, after decades working, to say “that’s out of my paygrade”.



OK, who is going to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court?


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I can not imagine that one or more of the women in the Missouri HofR won’t sue on this.

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Anybody know how many Women members of the Missouri Assembly voted in favor if this? In case anyone hasn’t noticed, this kind of thing is no longer the boys against the girls. (Old old-thinking men living in the 1950’s still trying to run things) There are plenty, and by that I mean too many women on “that” side who think this kind of thing is cool as heck. Jesus. America. Family. “Values” “Virtue”. “That” side didn’t lose 90% of the female vote in 2016 and 2020.


The article only has these numbers:

the Missouri House, which is made up of 116 men and 43 women, according to the state House site.

The dress code amendment was passed in a voice vote and the rules package was later adopted by the legislature in a 105-51 vote, but not without pushback and debate…

Alrighty, I went through the listing of all the MO House members. There are 17 females, members of the party of “no mask mandate, no vax mandate, personal freeedom”, who, most likely all, voted to mandate arm hijabs.



Probably no one. To take it on you have to be an affected party. There are only about 20 of those in the legislature (the other 17 being of the party that actually dreams up this sort of thing).

But who of those 20 wants to make a cause celeb out of this, and there face the [conservative] voters of Missouri in the next election cycle, when that is all their opponent will talk about.

I hope I’m wrong, but politics isn’t always the best thing.

Idiots! If they want a dress code in the legislature, just create a dress code without gender bias. “No sleeveless clothing items permitted while in session” or something like that. Or “sleeves must have a minimum length of X inches when measured from highest point of scapula”.

I’m so tired of performative politics. All this crap is simply done to garner headlines. And the media fully cooperates, of course, clicks, eyeballs, etc.


That is how the proponents are dressing up their arm hijab rule, as bringing female dress code in line with the male dress code.

Thing is, sleeveless “nice” clothes have not been a thing for men, only women. It’s mind boggling that, dressed as they are, one person in this pic would be welcome in the state House chamber, the other person would be banned as “inappropriate”, for not wearing arm hijabs.


I don’t know. I’m going with the “Hell hath no fury” meme.

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Good old fashioned puritanism. A woman’s bare arms will make men think impure thoughts, which means they will go to hell. So, no bare arms for you.


I did not know I wasn’t supposed to think impure thoughts. News to me.

But in the meanwhile pure thoughts are being true to my heart. I have those as well.

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Isn’t that the definition of MO?


From ASSA?

The association of sleeve sellers of America.
I had to put “of America” in there to get this posted



I larfed.

And continued to laugh for another 20 characters.