OT: With the 'Perfect' Hostage Rescue Operation, Israel's Dehumanization of Palestinians in Gaza Reached a New Low

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Just like the good old days, Israel once again worships its army. The raid that released Louis Norberto Har and Fernando Marman sparked a crescendo of joy coupled with a resurgence of national pride. The video clips “permitted for publication,” took us back to the time when the army was like a Hollywood production, and everyone competed to see who could heap the most praise on the Yaman counter terror unit and on the Shin Bet security service. It was a perfect operation, said all the intelligence experts – with zero casualties.

It was indeed an impressive operation and cause for joy, but it wasn’t perfect and it certainly wasn’t “zero casualties.” The fact that at least 74 Palestinians, including women and children, were killed during the operation was hardly mentioned in Israel. Perhaps those deaths were inevitable. Perhaps even if the number of Palestinian deaths was seven times greater it wouldn’t have dampened the celebration. Two very sympathetic Israeli-Argentinians were released and all the rest doesn’t matter.

The images I saw from the hospitals in Rafah on the day of the rescue were among the most horrific I have seen in this war. Children ripped to shreds, convulsing, looking helplessly upon their deaths. The horror. There is no need to go into the moral dilemma of whether the release of two hostages justifies the deaths of 74 people – that question is superfluous in such a cruel war – in order to point to Israel’s complete disregard for collateral deaths. On the day of the operation, Israel killed 133 people across Gaza, most of them, as is the norm in this war, innocent civilians, among them many children.

We were all happy that they were freed, and the operation in itself was moral and fully justified. But the disregard for the deaths of dozens of people as if they were not human is an outrage. Release more and more hostages, as many as possible. Marvel, rejoice and be proud – but at least mention the terrible price paid by Gazans for this just operation. The children ripped to shreds played no part in seizing the hostages. They have been destined to pay the cruel price for what Hamas did. Alongside our joy, one cannot help but think of them and their fate. An operation cannot be perfect if that is its price.

The disregard for 74 people killed in a just and righteous operation should surprise no one. The dehumanization of Gazans in this war has sunk to a level we have not known before – even after decades of dehumanizing Palestinians under occupation.

The disgraceful lack of coverage of Gaza’s suffering by most of the Israeli media will be eternally remembered in disgrace, at least I hope so. As a result, Palestinians are seen by most Israelis as non-human and even non-animal. In Israel, the more than 28,000 Gazan fatalities are considered a mere number, nothing more. The uprooting and displacement of millions of people moved from place to place as if they were a flock of sheep and the unbelievable, brazen portrayal of this as a “humanitarian measure” has dehumanized Gazans even further. If one believes them to be human beings, then surely people cannot be treated like this. You can’t abuse people for so long if you believe they are human.



lessee…didn’t the Israeli soldiers already shoot dead three or four other Israelis, in a couple different incidents, who had escaped on their own and made their way toward Israeli troops?

The “news” last night, showed a series of videos Israeli soldiers had posted to social media, of them cheerfully blowing up buildings in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Egypt appears to be building a wall at the border with Gaza.


Craters pockmarked Rafah, the southernmost city in Gaza, after bombardment by the Israeli military on Monday.

Credit…Said Khatib/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images


Let’s remember Hamas purposely moved themselves to be targeted next to children in hospital beds a war crime. International law gave Israel the right to go into that hospital.

Hamas can surrender at any time. Recognize Israel and turn over a new leaf where Hamas recognizes other religions as equal. Where freedom of speech, worship, and press allow for free elections in Gaza.

Am I asking too much? Not for one second.

All of the schisms in this world are fully predicated on a lack of freedom of religion, press, and speech. Along with property rights and personal rights.

For the few Palestinians who organize solely because the Israelis are not Muslims they force upon themselves and the innocent among them what they get. There is no excuse for Hamas’ actions. So much could be different tomorrow.

Again most of the Islamic schism is born out in Yemen, Syria, Sudan, and Somalia but there are no Jews there to despise. So those wars are non-topics. Are Gazans all that much more important than Syrians, Somalians, Yemenis, or Sudanese? Are the bullets different?


How about freedom for Arabs from Jewish occupation of West Bank and stealing Arab lands in West Bank and East Jerusalem?

How about freedom of speach, freedom of representation in government, freedom from police/IDF hasrassment, and freedom in elections in Israel for its Arab citizens? Is that too much for the asking?


Yes, it is too much to ask for. Point blank far too much to ask for.

This is either a two-way street or a one-way street.

The Islamic schism reaches throughout Arab governance and it must end entirely. There is no give in Israel and just get what we dish out.

The best thing about what I am saying Muslims would kill far fewer Muslims. That is more important than what is going on in Gaza. Because the numbers are much larger. The speed involved is just as quick or faster are the death rates.

The Sephardic Jews have a huge claim to the land. Reparations if you like for centuries of bad treatment by Arab communities.

I do agree the displacement of some Arabs is wrong. But the drama is incurred because of pure bigotry against letting Jews aspire to more with the Middle East. I have had Yemenis tell me all was fine in Yemen we had a large Jewish population. BS from the Jewish perspective. Yemen is considered the poorest of Arab nations. The Jews in Yemen would have been the poorest Yemenis.


The territories were taken in war. The war only happened out of bigotry. You reap what you sow.

You do not get redos. I know Israel won’t be given a redo. Hypocrites.


She is trying to support Hamas. Nothing else. Just anything is okay. Except for Israel. No rights for other religions? No freedom of speech for Palestinians. No freedom of press for Palestinians. And especially no Israel.

Why have her in congress? She has a very twisted conscience.

I get it without rights all human beings have twisted consciences. She is flaunting not having rights in Gaza by Hamas as worth protecting.