OT You should not be sitting for this

Diet and inactivity huge rise in earlier cancers.


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The article doesn’t say that. It’s a typical trash headline. Scare headline that admits to nothing. And like religion requires that you simply believe it.

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I must have read a different article. LOL


But as I have seen regularly in my own cancer clinic, obesity and lifestyle alone cannot account for all the young patients being diagnosed. Many whom I am treating are healthy, eat judiciously and exercise regularly. And so causation for their diseases still remains beyond science’s grasp.

My comment you are right the article did not say what I said. The comment by the doctor was poor. There is a baseline for cancer cases statistically. The numbers though are rising among younger patients. The doctor incorrectly assumes health eaters and exercisers excuse the poor eaters and inactive people in the stats.

We know sitting is the new cancer. The stats are staggering.

Hours of sitting: What’s your cancer risk? | MD Anderson Cancer Center.