OTC birth control pill now available in US stores


What would a bulk buy cost? Don’t know if it can be made/sold as a generic (i.e., Cost Plus?). Bulk buys by both state agencies and private charities to give to women who can not afford it.



Partial answer to your question

Maybe. How many of them (on your list) are OTC? Opill = no Rx.

I do not know. I am not informed about birth control pills.

I do not think Cost Plus sells OTC drugs because the market for OTC items is relatively easy to enter (i.e., a low barrier to enter the market). Look at all the supplemental pills that are sold in stores, on TV and online.

Neither of us knows.

Actually, we both know. Cost Plus has no reason to MAKE its own drugs for OTC sale because of the low barrier to market entry for anyone. The expense of making a prescription drug CAN be worth producing because there is a high barrier to entry. OTC drugs can be bought by anyone. But not prescription drugs. Which is why they require a prescription.

I doubt Cost Plus makes any pharmaceuticals.

Cost Plus runs their own drug manufacturing plant(s). Whether they make the API(s) (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(s)) used in the those drugs is not (yet) know. IMO, they do NOT. Far too expensive to make API(s) in relatively small batches. They buy the API(s) and then make the prescription drugs they sell.

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