PANW being added to S&P500

Just an FYI for those who may not have noticed. It was announced Friday that Palo Alto Networks (PANW) will be added to the S&P500 replacing The Dish Network.

It was up around 5% today. Certainly not a reason to buy but an indication of both its growth and expectation of that continuing.

Also S at very low levels and CRWD a long way from its highs, it is worth noting that this bump has pushed PANW to all time highs. It is now back above where it traded a year ago November when the tech slide began.

Long PANW and PANW Tickerguide with very minor positions in both S and CRWD.


Well Randy, you’ve been telling us about this for a good long while, and unfortunately most of us, including me, didn’t listen. I hope that you did very well with your PANW investment, and thanks for trying to spread your knowledge :grinning:.


Ha ha. Thanks Saul, I have done alright but took me a long time to shift away from CRWD myself. In fact I sold a bit just before and after the recent earnings (the sales after came after the bump that followed the big hit, the bump seemed confusing to me…). Never really had a large position in S.

I do find it interesting that there are people on here saying, I have given up and am getting out of Cyber security because of the competition when there has been one company that just keeps hitting its numbers and not really even slowing down but for some reason it is not considered.

In any event, I am not bragging in any way, I have missed more than my share of winners. Just trying to add a little to the board I have gained so much from. I will try to put out another update to my cyber security posts. I still think the industry has a long term potential.

Long PANW and Tickerguide. Long NET as well and small positions in CRWD and very small in S.