PCG Trust block Sales

PCG is down 3.5% aftermarket on no news. This has happened several times. My guess is that the trust is selling 30 mm+ shares again in a bulk trade. The first few times they did this it weighed on the stock for a short period of days to weeks. However the past few times, since PCG joined the S&P 500, the decline only last a few hours. We will see tomorrow. I bought a bunch last time, Dec 15th. Traded out within hours. Bought 4X more tonight. Wish me luck. Should trade lower pre-market.

By the way. If the trust sold 1 MM shares a day, they would likely not need to take a haircut at all IMO now that PCG is in index.


Closed out the position. The trust did in fact sell 60 MM shares (25% of holdings) at $15.26. I was able to buy my stake at $15.42. Sold out at $16.00 within 48 hours.

The fire victim trust now owns less than 10% of PCG. I wonder if they will continue to disclose sales.

Likely 3 more times they will make a bulk sale of 60 MM shares.

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