Penalizing the responsible

The same folks will ignore corporate socialism/welfare to line their own wallets.

It is just a matter of who is at the top of the line to make a living. Getting in line at the top is labeled regardless as talent. LOL Getting in line last is labeled as failed.

Umm, excuse me. I explicitly mentioned the idle rich - among which I include Goldman Sachs whose CEO had the eternal nerve to say they were doing God’s work even as they were sucking the government’s teat while middle class Americans were getting their house prices and 401Ks getting decimated. So your comment is very much misdirected.

The Federal government is too big, period. It was about 20% of the GDP for the longest time. But the last 20 years under Dems and Repubs saw it swell ipto 26% which is unsustainable. This is nothing to do with political philosophy. Practically, despite the multplier (1.6 to be generous), the government is a net DRAIN on the economy. You cannot Stimulate the economystarving it by taking out Texas

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arrghh Fool.

The last sentence is:

you cannot stimulate the economy by starving it by taking out too many taxes.

You do not understand at all what happened.

Supply side economics meant slow growth for the private sector. That is the only reason the public sector is a relatively larger proportion of the economy.

The failure was our political philosophy. The government is not too big. We made a few people wealthier but all of them and the rest of us would have been much wealthier without supply side economics.

We en mas had been seeing to our own demise as a nation. Just being cheap with honest hard working people. We are reaping what we have sown as boomers.

The Millennials, Zs and Xers are saying no thank you. No way!

If you look at every aspect of society and the decisions made en mas by the boomers there is nothing decent we ever did.