$PFE: Forbes on Newest Health Scare in UK: Diptheria: Highly Contagious Disease on the Rise Among UK Asylum Seekers

The bacterial disease is transmitted by coughs and sneezes or by contact with infected wounds. It can affect the skin, or lead to symptoms like breathing problems, weakness and organ damage, depending on the site of infection. It’s usually treated with antibiotics and antitoxins, but can still result in death.

$PFE (Pfizer) makes a leading medicine for Diptheria which was once employed in our Armed Forces. Knowing how prevalent that drug was, I am wondering if Pfizer still leads in treatments for Diptheria? Of course, $PFE has the long runway ahead for mRNA developed drugs other than COVID vaccines.

Dividend history for $PFE

**Dividend history of $PFE shows Pfizer increasing dividends every year since 2009


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Pfizer (PFE) reported 3rd Quarter September 2022 earnings of $1.78 per share on revenue of $22.6 billion. The consensus earnings estimate was $1.47 per share on revenue of $25.4 billion. The Earnings Whisper number was $1.54 per share. Revenue fell 6.0% compared to the same quarter a year ago.

The company said it expects 2022 earnings of $6.40 to $6.50 per share on revenue of $99.50 billion to $102.00 billion. The company’s previous guidance was earnings of $6.30 to $6.45 per share on revenue of $98.0 billion to $102.0 billion and the current consensus earnings estimate is $6.39 per share on revenue of $99.60 billion for the year ending December 31, 2022.

Pfizer Inc is a research-based biopharmaceutical company. The Company has five operating segments: Primary Care; Specialty Care and Oncology; Established Products and Emerging Markets; Animal Health; and Consumer Healthcare.

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