Picked the wrong person to scam

Jean, a 73-year-old grandmother, was at her Long Island home Thursday morning when she received a phone call from a man claiming to be her grandson. He was in jail for drunken driving, he said. He needed her help posting an $8,000 bail.

But there was one problem, Jean thought — her grandsons are far too young to drive. It was a scam. So Jean decided to swindle the swindler.

https://wapo.st/3GW5xAU (unlocked link)


I guess I’m a coward. I wouldn’t use my home to trap a thief.


this is the scam I got yesterday he called direct and said he was from td ameritrade: clastic pump and dump only directly to you on the phone with this as a fallow up.

Thank you for your time yesterday. Here is my contact email and numbers below.

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I’m jealous. I’ve had a TD Ameritrade account ever since the absorption of Waterhouse, and they never phone me.

I had a cold call once from someone trying to get me to invest in something. Probably a scam, at best unscrupulous. I told him he should talk to someone with money. CLICK! Call over, no follow up.

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To cold callers:

“If you know so much about investing why are you calling strangers on the phone instead of sipping pina coladas from the beach of your own private island?”

I mean I’d be busy investing my own millions, right?

Early on my husband told a cold caller his wife handled all his investments. “You let your WIFE handle your money?” “Yup here call her.” I, of course, made mincemeat of the guy and explained I was averaging 25% a year from tech investments and needed no help.

My husband laughed when he got home and I told him that was mean of him.