Picking Bezos

After Hours: 565.50 Up +83.32 (17.28%)

and sticking with it somehow far more impressive than swiping a few points here or making some money on some options the better to brag. Cash laying there on the ground, it was. Great.

That is truly impressive. I was a little surprised because I thought it was a given Bezos and AMZN could pull the trigger whenever they wanted.

Spiffy-pop is a term coined by Motley Fool Rule Breakers that refers to a situation whereby a stock’s price increases more in a single day than the original cost basis.

A term so catchy I can never remember it but when you get that happening repeatedly, you really have something to brag about. Skimming a few points and rushing to tell the world no big deal.

12/02/99- Updated 04:07 PM ET
Fool’s advice: Break rules to win
…San Francisco’s Gap is a perfect study of a true Rule Maker, meeting most of the criteria for staying power. It’s everywhere, it appeals to all demographic groups, its ads (like Khakis Swing) promise joie de vivre, its styles are universally accepted, and the company has convinced many of us that we need its product.

“Gap,” they say, “is one of a handful of operations that truly make the branding rules in its industry.”

Yep kind of a round trip to nowhere there but no catastrophic loss of capital, for sure. Have no idea what they did with it. Personally think fashion is investor death, how many times does that have to be demonstrated? But if you are clever enough to time those things, consistently.